Poppea Projections

L’incoronazione Di Poppea was presented by Westedge Opera in February of 2013. These stills were taken from video produced for that production. Set in a highly sexualized 1962 I pulled public domain videos from the internet and rotoscoped them to create the imagery for the work.

For this project I pulled from a vein of my visual work which seeks to exploit and expand upon digital artifacts. The source imagery used was intentionally pixelated with many compression artifacts and the animations derived therefrom not only passed on this distortion but enhanced it with additional pixelation and blocks of color/texture. In this way the digitality of the medium could be enhanced and become an aesthetic vector in its own right.

While the stills serve to highlight the pixelated nature of the work, as animations they were dynamic fields of undulating and pulsating colors which not only carried forth the sexual nature of the content but brought its own techno-sensuality to each of the videos.

Click on an image below to see full version.

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